Secret on How to Get Class A CDL Jobs With No Experience

Heads up, fellow road warriors! Are you dreamin’ of kickstarting your journey on the open highway but worried that you don’t have the necessary experience? Look no further! This article will unveil the secrets of bagging those coveted class A CDL jobs with no experience. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Why Are Class A CDL Jobs So Sought After?

Class A CDL jobs are the cream of the crop when it comes to truck driving gigs. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

  • Big Bucks: We’re talking competitive salaries, benefits, and even sign-on bonuses for some companies.
  • Freedom: Say goodbye to the mundane 9-5. Experience the thrill of the open road, from coast to coast and in between.
  • Job Security: The world always needs truck drivers. Especially now, with the e-commerce boom, demand for reliable truckers is through the roof.

So, how do you get these jobs with no prior experience? Let’s dive into that.

Your Game Plan for Scoring Class A CDL Jobs With No Experience

  1. Get Your CDL License: Before anything else, you need to get that license. Look for reputable training schools that have strong ties with trucking companies.
  2. Network: Attend trucking conventions or local trucker meetups. Connect with experienced drivers; their guidance is invaluable.
  3. Apply Everywhere: Send out as many applications as you can. Some companies have specialized programs for newcomers.
  4. Consider Apprenticeships: Apprenticeships are a golden ticket. They pair you with a seasoned driver and you learn while you earn.
  5. Maintain a Clean Driving Record: It’s essential. Companies want drivers who are safe and responsible.

The Inside Scoop: What Experienced Truckers Wish They Knew Starting Out

  • Route planning is a lifesaver
  • Maintaining health on the road is vital
  • Learning basic truck maintenance can save you in a pinch


Q: Is it really possible to land a Class A CDL job with zero experience?
A: Absolutely. While experience is a bonus, many companies offer training programs for fresh license holders. They recognize the value of investing in new talent.

Q: How long before I start making a decent income?
A: Typically, within a year of consistent work, you’ll see a considerable bump in your paycheck. Stick with it, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Q: Are there any particular companies known for hiring newbies?
A: Indeed. Companies like Swift Transportation and CR England have been known to give rookies a shot. Don’t limit yourself though; cast a wide net.

Q: What challenges should I be prepared for in this field?
A: Being on the road for extended periods can be tough, both mentally and physically. But the community is tight-knit, and fellow truckers are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Charting Your Class A CDL Journey

Steps Description Tips
CDL School Find a school with solid reviews and a high pass rate Ask for recommendations in trucker forums
Networking Connect with seasoned drivers Attend trucker meetups or conventions
Applications Send out to multiple companies Tailor your resume for each application
Training Opt for companies that offer rookie training Be open to feedback and continuous learning

Remember that perseverance is key. Trucking might seem challenging initially, but with the right mindset and resources, you’ll be cruising the highways in no time.

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Before we wrap up, let’s drive home this crucial point one more time: Class A CDL jobs with no experience are not just a myth; they’re a very real opportunity for those ready to seize them. So, gear up and hit the road to success.

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